A Day in the Life

Continuing the alphabet meme. Such fun.


It’s not a big deal, it’s just that I’ve had to deal with the DMV a little more than usual this year, specifically this month. I just renewed both my car registration and my driver’s license. Had to get the car smog-checked. Happy to report it’s still going strong even after 14 years. It’s been a good little car. And while I’ve aged a bit since my last DL picture, I can still use the old picture. The one without any gray hair!

E= Exercise

That’s probably too obvious, but if it’s true, it’s true. Exercise is a significant portion of my life these days. We joined the YMCA about a year and half ago. We both go MWF to do the weight machines and stationary bikes. I go again on Tuesday/Thursday for a water aerobics class. The purpose is basically for health – losing weight would be nice, but the exercise didn’t do a bit of that for either of us. I think it’s helping with blood pressure. Until about ten years ago, I always had BP around 110/70. It’s been creeping up toward higher levels, and for a while I was seeing it in the range of 140/90. I think that in general, it’s a little lower on a regular basis, say about 120/80. That’s still not great, but it’s better. ‘Cept just now I took it, and it’s 111/73. That’s an average of two checks on each arm. Awesome!


That describes my upcoming schedule, now through the end of the year. I think in September, I have three days in a row that aren’t spoken for. Get ’em while they’re hot!