Creating Our Own Opportunities

If I was smarter or more ambitious, I’d be making some real money by now. Not by writing – although it’s probably just as true for that. No, I’m thinking about food, specifically, my flour mix.

I’ve been making this mix for years, for our own use. I’ve often given it away as gifts. I also use it to make a pancake/waffle mix. It’s low-gluten, not gluten-free, but I could tweak it a bit to make it that way. It’s certainly healthful.

Then, this morning, I saw an article about a chef at the French Laundry, a swanky restaurant I’ll never afford to eat at. She’s created, and marketed, a gluten-free flour mix. There’s a pancake/waffle mix due out in April.

The mix sells for $19.95 for 3 pounds.


It takes a lot of savvy – and good connections – to get something this like off the ground. I’ve thought of offering to make my mix for people, as maybe a mail order business. But offering food for sale requires a commercial kitchen, permits, inspections… lots of stuff. So I’ve been content to just help my family eat better.

Maybe I should try harder. You never know when an idea will really take off.

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  1. I saw that article. You may not be the first on the block, but you can still market your flour mix and take advantage of the buzz this other product creates. I keep telling my kids they have to come up with a business idea because heaven knows when the job market will recover. I’m open for a brainstorming session if you are!

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