Cover Reveal: Worlds Apart

I’m a little nervous about this cover. Don’t get me wrong – I like it. I’m just… nervous.

With Worlds Apart, I step firmly into Romance territory, and inch over the line into some pretty explicit sex. It’s not erotica, but a couple of scenes are… steamy. For that reason, I’ll be publishing the book as Adult Only.

I’ll give you the synopsis first. The cover, once again by the competent Laura Shinn, is at the bottom of the post.

How many of you skip the synopsis and go straight to the cover? On the more serious side, I’d really like some opinions. Do I need to tone down the cover?

Synopsis for Worlds Apart, a paranormal romance by Marlene Dotterer

Dr. Tina Cassidy, like the rest of the folks of Green Roads, Oregon, is unaware there is a portal in their forest that leads to a magical world. When a handsome stranger passes through her town, the beautiful and fun-loving doctor sees only a man who ignites her passion in ways that leave her breathless. A one-night stand leads to a deep bond, and longing for more.

Clive Winslow is touched to his soul by Tina’s compassionate and loving nature. But he is a werewolf, a curse that denies him any chance at real love. He returns to his world to continue his duties as a crime investigator, but Tina is never far from his mind.

Fate intervenes, however, for Tina conceives Clive’s child. A part of both worlds, the fetus harbors a possible cure to the werewolf virus. Unaware of the nature of her pregnancy, Tina, still hurt by Clive’s desertion, vows to raise the child alone.

Clive is soon on the trail of a killer—a werewolf who has targeted the human world to rule as his own. When the killer encounters Tina, he is determined to have the power growing in her unborn child. Weaving Tina into a spell of trust and attraction, he soon takes her prisoner. As he begins a dark and violent ritual to steal her soul, Clive follows behind, desperate to save the woman he loves, and the child he never imagined he would have.

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4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Worlds Apart”

  1. Well, this is definitely a steamy romance cover. I’m on the fence of whether or not you should tone it down. The cover screams “sex” from the top of it’s lungs but the wolf close up hovering over the sex scene hints at so much more than just sex. So this may be one of those covers that you just roll with and sort of hope for the best.

    1. I love this cover. I definitely wouldn’t tone it down… the synopsis gives you a lot of information and if you don’t like steamy, this isn’t the novel for you anyway.

  2. I think this is a good cover choice for your target audience. Readers can see from the get-go that this isn’t a YA novel.

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