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This is the post for writers-other-than-me to tell you about their books. There’s quite a varied list for you this week. If something looks interesting to you, please support the author by purchasing their book, or add it to your To Read List. Thank you to all the authors who participated!

Author: Cris Coursey
Books: Kentucky Moon
Volume 1: Solid Ground
Volume 2: Rising Among Pack
Volume 3: Becoming
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Tagline: Lily was alone and out of options. Creed was alone in the world with a secret. They find each other, but can they learn to trust? They had both followed rocky paths in their lives, but could they find solid ground with each other?

Author: Barbara Bentley
Book: A Dance With the Devil: A True Story of Marriage to a Psychopath
Genre: True crime, Memoir, Biography
Tagline: A middle-aged woman falls for the charms of a retired rear admiral who eventually tries to murder her to conceal his secret.   When the divorce law forces her to pay him alimony, she ventures into new territory to right the wrong.

Author: Brooklyn Hudson
wishboneSE_ebook Cover 4-27-12 (2)
Genre: Mind-Bending Horror-Thriller
Tagline: A Manhattan power couple survive a tragedy and attempt a fresh start, only to be plagued by unexplained and disastrous occurrences…be Careful What You WISH For.
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Author: Aline Soules
Book: Meditation on Woman
Purchase: Amazon, Anaphora Literary Press
Genre: prose poetry / flash fiction
Tagline: These prose poems and flash fiction pieces work together to create a universal woman — complex, multi-faceted, and fascinating.

Author: Judith Marshall
Book: Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever
Genre: Women’s Lit
Tagline: a celebration of fresh hopes, second chances and the anything-but-simple art of relationships.

Author: Camille Minichino/Ada Madison
Book: A Function of Murder
Genre: Mystery
Tagline: Math Professor Sophie Knowles has to step up when graduation day goes wrong.

Author: Denise P. Kalm
Book: Career Savvy – Keeping & Transforming Your Job
Genre: Non-Fiction
Tagline: In this tough market, learn the tricks to keep the job you have long enough to transform it into one you can love.
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Author: Jil Plummer
Book: Caravan to Armageddon
Genre: Mystery


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