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A Cooking Post: Cheese Crackers

I found this recipe over at Brit & Co., and I had to try it right away. It helped that I had a block of cheddar cheese in the frig. Brit’s post has three flavors, but I had only cheddar, so that’s all I made.

Brit also used cookie cutters to make cute shapes (did she have tiny little cookie cutters? I can’t tell from her pictures), but I just went with a knife and simple rectangles/squares. Mine are more or less the same size as Cheeze-its. Also, I think mine are too thick. I can never measure 1/16th of an inch of dough. So my crackers took 25 minutes to bake instead of the 12 minutes the recipe calls for. Next time, I’ll roll the dough out thinner.

Aren’t they gorgeous? They taste great, too! AND, they were super-easy to make.
0216131541    0216131541a