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The Anarchist Soccer Mom: Thinking the Unthinkable

There are no adequate words to cover what happened in Newtown. This morning, the paper listed all the victims, most with picture. All those glowing, beautiful, baby faces…

For the record, I think we need drastically improved gun control laws. But mostly, we need what this mother begs for:

The Anarchist Soccer Mom: Thinking the Unthinkable.

3 thoughts on “The Anarchist Soccer Mom: Thinking the Unthinkable”

  1. Read the piece. I can not come up with the words, though it seems over a thousand commentors did. I suppose the only thing I can say is that while “the game” of life is being played by those elected and those in lobbying positions of power to “influence” said game, most of us just want to “live life and coexist peacefully” No games.

  2. As the daughter of a mother who has been lost to me since I was 14 due to mental illness, this hit home. In my country, there is one mental hospital and as you can imagine, it’s woefully understaffed and in terrible shape. I wouldn’t condemn a dog there. That’s why my mother lives with me and my sister and we take care of her. I thank God every day she’s still here with me, but I’m even more thankful she’s not violent. I cannot imagine what Anarchist Soccer Mom goes through every day. I remember the horror of dealing with my mother through my difficult teen years. That was pain enough for me. I wish her the best with her son. I hope she gets help–that maybe he will be cured. I’m afraid it’s too late for my mother, but at least she’s not a danger to anyone.

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