I Know I Left That To-Do List Somewhere Around Here…

The week just past kept me hopping with obligations of all kinds – social, financial, business…. In addition, violent wind and rain have caused me to lose a couple of hours of sleep the last few nights. I’m not complaining about that really, because I LOVE storms. We don’t get enough of them with our mild Bay Area climate.

Nevertheless, I am tired.

This coming week will not, or at least, should not, be as busy. I finished my read-through of Moon Over Donamorgh in printed format, made the changes to the manuscript, and uploaded the revised MS to Createspace. I now have a week or so to await the next proof copy. I have great hopes that it will be perfect, if such a thing is possible.

Honestly? It’s a gorgeous book! I sure hope the story and writing is as good as the cover.

This week is devoted to decorating. Well, after I do my workouts at the gym. And after I spend at least an hour or two writing. Yes, I am forcing myself to ADD words to at least one WIP every single day.

Oh, and Thursday is devoted to skin cancer removal for my poor husband. It’s his first, and based on all the people we know who have to do this, it won’t be his last. But he’s really very good about hats and sunscreen and long sleeves.

But in between all this, I can decorate. The tree will appear, then the ornaments and candles and lovely pine-and-cinnamon scents. I will make cookies, maybe. It’s time to get ready for Yule!


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