Moon Over Donamorgh. Another Book From Me For You!

I couldn’t go to water aerobics yesterday at my usual time, so I went to the class at 7:00 pm last night. It was so cool to be jumping around in the water underneath the bright, full moon. I watched the moon as much as possible while doing my half-jacks and crunches.

That moon of ours is simply amazing. I never get tired of seeing it.

I have a character who feels that way, too. Let me tell you a little about him.

Seamus Firnan is one of those characters who is bigger than life. From the moment I first wrote him into a scene, he took over and handled the situation with strength and discipline. He fairly shook the rafters with his love – love for his Goddess, love for his land, and love for the people he called family.

He took my breath away, and I have to admit, he made my heart beat a little faster. It was probably the Irish accent.

The moon guides Seamus in planting and harvesting. His magic waxes and wanes in power with the phases. The moon represents his Goddess and he looks to its light for inspiration and comfort.

Especially after he’s shanghaied and left to the mercies of a sadistic first mate.

Seamus’s story is told in Moon Over Donamorgh.  You’ll get to read it in a few weeks, as soon as I’ve perfected the manuscript formatting. It will be for sale at all the usual places. I’ll be sure to tell you when it’s ready!

You can read the first chapter here.

And get a preview of the awesome cover right here:

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  1. That cover rocks! I thought so when I noticed it on the side yesterday 🙂 So glad this one is coming out!

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