Post-Thanksgiving Analysis

Hoo boy, did I overdo it.

No, no, I didn’t drink too much on Thanksgiving. I didn’t even eat too much. I just stood on my feet too much. It’s a shame, because that darn peripheral neuropathy had settled into a dull roar that I could easily ignore. But a couple of days of standing on my feet and cooking took care of that. It’s taken until today for my feet to stop shouting at me. Now they are just whimpering quietly in the corner.

I really don’t see a way to avoid that kind of thing. I don’t want to just give up everything and live my life in a chair. I have to test the boundaries once in a while to see what I can get away with. Sometimes I’ll push too far and have to pay for it. I can live with that.

Speaking of eating too much, how did the rest of you Americans fare this year? Did you indulge WAY too much, or settle for a moderate binge? I’ll admit I gained a pound this week. Happily, that means I still fit into the smaller size of clothes that I reached a couple of weeks ago. It’s like having a whole new wardrobe as I get to wear things I haven’t worn for a couple of years. Kind of fun, but I know I can’t relax. The weight will creep back the minute I let my guard down. And I’m nowhere near done yet. I’ve lost ten pounds -still have ten more to go. If I get there, I’ll consider trying for more, but really, anything beyond that is pure gravy.

So to speak.

Today, I am finishing up the soup made from the turkey bones. Turkey Noodle Soup is on tonight’s menu, along with leftover pie. You can bet I made sure there was leftover pie! Oops, that just reminded me that I have extra pumpkin pie – mix? batter? filling? – anyway, I have extra, and I need to cook it. I’m baking it without crust, as just a simple pumpkin pudding. I think it will be great with ice cream.

This was a more crowded holiday for us. We tend to be the house of leftover people – those who have no one else to spend the day with. Usually our relatives are with “other” sides of the family, so we get together with friends who are also family-less, or consist of only 2 or 3 people. But this year, we had kids and grandkids join us, which made for many more mouths and much more noise and activity.

I’m a mother and nurturer, so I love having a crowd to feed. We had our moments though – more than one intervention took place as the evening progressed. This was badly needed, and I am hopeful that it has positive and far-reaching results for everyone involved. Then maybe Mom (me) and Grandma (also me) can sleep at night. It could happen.

So now I turn my attention to Yule. In preparation, I’m reading Pagan Writers Presents Yule, an anthology about the sabbat practices from Pagan Writers Press. I love hearing how others celebrate the solstice, or learning about the history of it.

Nearly everyone has some kind of celebration in December. What are you all doing to get ready for yours?

5 thoughts on “Post-Thanksgiving Analysis”

  1. Good time with great friends and family is certainly worth a tiny pound, though my pound may have stretched to three. But I’ll work on that lol!

    Hoping to do about the same,gather with a small group of friends and get some yummy food. This time with a Christmas tree involved and a present or two for the Chipmunk.

  2. I had to work but we celebrated early and I came across some lovely diabetic recipes so I got to eat my full just the same lol.

    In December though I can’t wait to decorate my tree it’s my childhood hang over. I love a real tree and stubbornly buy and decorate one while most settle for fake ones or lesser/ more mundane decoratives lol

    1. There are loads of wonderful and delicious foods to eat even if you’re diabetic. I’m glad you’re pursuing it!

      Be sure to post a picture of your tree. We use a fake one – I’m completely uncertain how I feel about it. There are good arguments on both sides of the debate. My husband had purchased the tree just before we met. It’s a nice one, and we’ve used it every year. Being pagan, I like to have some real greenery in the house though, so I have a real wreath and a few pine boughs to spread around.

      1. I have always had a real tree from the time i was a kid till now i have never known anything else so a fake tree just doesn’t give me the feel of this time of year and i totally will I think it will be a short fat lil tree might even get a Douglas fur this go round

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