In Which the Author Takes a Play Day

The grandchildren have arrived and today is a zoo day. It’s always a good way to let the tykes run off energy without exhausting the grandparents. I’m not crazy about zoos – it bothers me to see animals in cages, even if those cages are the modern “natural habitats.” But I do like the idea of walking outside for several hours. I’ll get my supply of vitamin D and be a happier person.

However, being San Francisco, there is no guarantee of sun. It’s very bright here right now. I keep having to shift my chair to keep the morning sun out of my eyes. We are several miles inland, though, and there’s no telling what’s happening across the bay. Even if the sun is out, SF is known for its microclimates, and it’s possible the zoo is fogged in.

But I don’t care. Outside is outside, and it all counts. Just bring plenty of layers!

Y’all have a good day. I may post the occasional picture on Facebook. Bet you can’t wait!

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