To Do in November

Every day this week has brought a variety of challenges. I guess that’s good. Means I’m not bored, right? Some of it has been okay – like the challenge of finishing up edits for Moon Over Donamorgh, beginning formatting for publishing, and hiring a cover artist – the talented Laura Shinn, who did the covers for both time travel books.

Other challenges have been not-so-fun. Children and grandchildren to worry about, exercising despite being tired, travel plans that just will not fall into place, and the planning and logistics for Thanksgiving. Is anybody else feeling this way?

I love having people over, the more the merrier.  But my brain is just not wrapping around it for some reason. I start a list, lose interest, and move on to something else. That will only work for so long. With just a few days left, and visitors arriving sometime today, I need to get this in order. Cooking starts on Tuesday: Cornbread for the stuffing. Cranberry relish that needs to steep in spices for a couple of days. Roasting the pumpkins for pies. I also pick up the turkey on Tuesday. I bought one from Wind Dancer Ranch – a bird that got to fly and run around the farm, eating good, nutritious bugs, and strutting for the ladies. Much better than those poor fellows stuffed into crowded cages with their beaks cut off, and overfed corn and antibiotics to make their breasts grow so big they can’t even stand upright.

If that’s your bird, I’m not sorry if this description spoils your dinner. The people of this country really need to handle their food supply better. *Puts soapbox away and dusts off hands*

Wednesday is the day I make whatever can be done ahead of time. Stuffing and pies fit into that category. I can do things like set the table and put up all the extra card tables and chairs. No reason to wait until Thursday. Oh, and I suppose I’d better clean house a bit. Sweep and dust, at least.

Yes, I am using this post to get myself organized. You noticed that, huh?

The best part comes today: grandchildren! Makila and Alan are driving up from Arizona (they’re bringing their parents, too), so we’ll get to play with them this week. They grow so fast!





And on Thanksgiving, I get to see the oldest grandchildren, who are finishing high school this year. See what I mean about growing fast? Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.





Happy planning to all of you who are busy with this holiday! Remember to love each other!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve felt a bit the same way, and my list looks similar to yours. It helped to go to the farmers’ market and cross some items off my list, and we pick up the bird on Tuesday from a local farm where, like yours, it was allowed to roam freely and eat what turkeys are supposed to eat! Last night I broke down and ordered a couple of pies from a local restaurant…while I like to do it all, I decided to make life a little easier.

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