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Tasks, New and Old, and the Next Big Thing

I need to write. Life keeps getting in the way. It’ s the middle of the afternoon and I still need to:

1. Work on the outline for Honor System

2. Work on edits for Moon Over Donamorgh

Note that I did not task myself with finishing either of these things. Just putting in some time.

What I have done today:

1. Water aerobics

2. Made up a batch of my whole-grain flour mix for pancakes and waffles

3. Did about 40% planning for our 2013 travels

4. Worked up a menu for Sunday’s dinner party and made a grocery list for the week’s supplies.

5. Wrote this post to direct you to the Next Big Thing interviews as Jordan Bernal tells you about her Irish dragons, and Lani Longshore takes you on a quilting space ride – with pumpkins.

Hope you enjoy finding out about their books. Now I’m off to the rest of my To Do List!