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Five Things Make a Post

1. It’s Autumn, which means it’s time for pumpkin martinis. But I refuse to buy any more of that horrid orange stuff Hiram Walker calls pumpkin liquor. No, this year I’m making my own. Stay tuned for pictures.

2. Where is my mail-in ballot?

3. I’ve lost 7 pounds in the last month. That, folks, is freaking amazing.

4. Bridgebuilders is formatted for Createspace, Kindle, and Smashwords. Should I put it on sale early or will that confuse everyone?

5. My editor has informed me that she is almost finished with Moon Over Donamorgh. I should get her comments this week. Maybe I’ll get that published this year too. As a bonus.

What is everyone else up to these days?

3 thoughts on “Five Things Make a Post”

  1. Wow, Marlene! Sounds like you’re cranking on all cylinders! Congrats on the weight loss. As for Bridgebuilders, I can’t wait to read it…of course, there’s all sorts of conventional wisdom about having a specific launch date and building a buzz for that. As an author, I would counsel doing that, but as a reader, I’m chomping at the bit!

  2. Yay for weight loss. I’ve been tucking my tail on that part of things doing this blogtown tour. I’ve got to get back on the ball.

    I wonder, too, if bringing the books up for sale early would confuse readers. Might just see and find out how it goes 🙂 May turn out the excited-waiting will pounce on an earlier availability date.

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