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I must be feeling uninspired these days. I find another week as gone by (so quickly!) and I have only made one post. This has been a pattern. On one hand, this is not-so-good for a blog, as readers expect some input. On the other hand, I haven’t been torturing you with inanities.

My life has not been static. In the last week, I’ve become a grandmother again:

He’s making faces at me, here. He was about 12 hours old. I love to hold newborns.

That was the big news. In other accomplishments this week, I’ve lost another pound, making six total in the last three weeks. I’ve done some yard work – pruning, clearing clutter, compost care – I’ve been consistent about exercising, and I’ve started an outline for Book 3 (working title) of the Time Travel Journals.

Because when you get to the end of Bridgebuilders you’ll realize another book is necessary.

It’s unusual for me to start with an outline. I’m basically a pantser, the kind of writer who has a few scenes in mind and types them up, letting the story develop itself. That won’t work this time.

I’ll confess: I have no idea what the third book should be about. I won’t go into details, because you haven’t read Bridgebuilders yet and you don’t know anything about the ending. Don’t want to spoil it for you.

Even though I’ve started with an outline, I’m still being true to my haphazard self. Because it’s not really an outline – it’s more a one-person brain storm. I’m just throwing characters and situations onto the page and muttering to myself about them. Sort of like, throw the food against the wall and see what sticks.

Yes, I do expect a story to show up amid the clutter. Just wait and see.

With that in mind, I should get to it. Stories don’t write themselves, you know.

All of you – make my day and tell me what you’ve been up to this week, little things or big. With autumn arriving and school back in session, I know you’ve all been up to something!


7 thoughts on “Author Ramblings”

  1. Congrats on losing another pound and gaining a grandbaby. That is awesome news 🙂

    I’m still in the throes of uploading documents to get myself properly set for launching my self-pubbed novel and working with my – thankfully – organized launch partner to get posts going as well as seeing if I can get my other MS noticed as part of the Gearing Up to Get an Agent Small Press Pitch contest. Can’t forget nightly help given to my Chipmunk since 3rd grade is apparently a little harder than 2nd was 🙂

    Other than that…nothing much 🙂

  2. How fun, to have a new grandbaby to love! So exciting!

    I returned to blogging (a little) this week after a few months off to tend to some remodeling, to get my garden set up (new house, so we expanded the existing veggie garden) and to handle some annoying health issues. I recently learned to can food and spin yarn. I also did some more work on a book of essays that I’m working on. My fingers feel strange and rusty at the keyboard, but it feels good to be back!

    I’m so looking forward to Bridgebuilders. Can’t wait to read it!

    1. I’d love to learn to spin yarn. That sounds so cool. I do can some food – mostly applesauce or pickles, things like that. I have eleven jars of pickles in my cupboard now!

      Good luck with the writing. Have to keep it up!

  3. That baby is absolutely adorable! I too enjoy them when they are “new” 🙂 My main concern for this past week is to get everything in the yard picked up before the snow flies here. In Upper Michigan we have two seasons…….winter and winter is coming! Dealing with that now. I have seen snow stick on the ground here as early as October 9th.

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