Teasing the Readers: Time Travel Journals Bridgebuilders

(Otherwise known as the post with all the exclamation marks. I’ll admit there are too many.)

Every once in a while I remind you that Bridgebuilders is coming out soon, either by telling what stage it’s in, or by simple promotion. I just counted the weeks left until the big day:


Yep, five weeks, and a few days. I guess I can get officially excited now.

In the full spirit of getting-the-word-out, I’m going to post some teasers for you. The first chapter of Bridgebuilder has been up on this website for some time. It’s still here, in the final, edited version. You don’t need to run over and read it immediately to see what’s different, because the changes to this chapter are few and minor. It’s just sort of cleaned up.


You might want to run over here and read chapter 2.


Check back here every week for the NEXT chapter. Yes my Readers, I will post a chapter a week, until the book comes out. That’s going to get you through CHAPTER 6, before you even get to buy the book!

Is that cool? I hope so!

Also, soon… very soon… there will be contests. You just may win an advance copy! Or a regular copy. Or perhaps a copy of Shipbuilder, if you don’t have that one, yet.

I’ve tried hard to write Bridgebuilders as a stand-alone novel, so that you’ll understand it even if you haven’t read Shipbuilder. I think I have more or less succeeded at that – but I think you’ll enjoy it more if you read Shipbuilder first. Since that’s generally true of all books in a series, I’m okay telling you that.

So get your stopwatches out and start the countdown. The fun begins now.

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  1. Thank you for sharing….but no thank you! Want to wait until I can have ALL of it it my greedy hands 🙂 Bridgebuilders I’m sure will be a stand alone (if you say so) but what an experience one is missing if they haven’t read Shipbuilder!!!!!

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