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Get Off Your Broom Fitness Challenge

My attempts to lose weight are never-ending. This is another one.

A Very Nice Lady (VNL) has created a website for challenging fellow Pagans to improve their fitness. I’ve joined up, which means I have to post my goals here, then report once a week to let y’all know I badly I’ve done.

Or not. I have to stay hopeful.

Step 1 is to state my goals and plan. So my goal is to lose a pound a week.

Um… yeah. That’s been my goal for every week of the last twenty years. I’m just sayin’.

How am I going to do it? I think I’m going to try eating less. No, really. I already eat well, as in healthy food, no sodas, that kind of thing. I need to eat less of the good stuff. I will, therefore, vow to use a smaller plate at dinner.  I will also try to eat a smaller lunch. Not no lunch. But smaller.

I will also continue my exercise regime of weights and swimming/cycling three days a week, and water aerobics two days a week. I’ve been doing this since February, so it’s already established.

The VNL is a pagan and she encourages her challengees to let the Elements represent some aspect of our goals. I like this idea, because it fits in with my desire to live holistically. It’s a whole body kind of thing.

The Elements are:
Fire – I’m going to let this be my desire, a “fire-in-the-belly.” Better that than the fat that resides there now.
Water – This will be my swimming/aerobics. Water exercise is one of the few things I can do that does not cause excessive pain.
Earth – For me, it’s always about earth. Natural foods, a back-to-nature lifestyle. I will try to spend more time outside in my garden. I plan to pick a few weeds while I’m there, too.
Air – I will try to breathe better. I’ve always been a shallow breather, and I’ve been trying to work on this.
Spirit -A few minutes of meditation every day. I’m lousy at it. I have an attention span of about five seconds. So don’t expect miracles. This fits in nicely with air, since I meditate by concentrating on my breathing.

Fun Stuff

We earn broom <span class= points for exercise. One broom for every 15 minutes. So today I have:

<span class= = 5  for two rounds of weight machines and 20 minutes on the stationary cycle.


2 thoughts on “Get Off Your Broom Fitness Challenge”

  1. This looks like fun! Love the brooms.

    Like you, I eat really well…but I ate too much. When I started measuring portions, I would look at my plate and say, “Where’s my dinner?” Yet it always was enough. In fact, I found that I had more energy and less hunger with the smaller portions.

    I hope this works for you! It’s definitely not as easy as it used to be to keep the pounds off!

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