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Life Goes On, Oob-La-Dee

What a week this was, starting with the sad news of Neil Armstrong passing away. I know we all gazed at the moon a little sadly upon hearing about it. His adventures fueled my fascination with science and possibilities. I was 14 when he went to the moon, and I hardly blinked while watching it.

There are many tributes throughout the web, but let me point you to one of the best pictures:

Those are three men who know how to direct our attention outward!

Did Neil Armstrong or other astronauts inspire you? I’d love to hear about it. Post something in the comments!

The State of the Writing

I’ve got edits back for Bridgebuilders, and will be chatting with Meghan Pinson about those soon. Lots of good comments, and we’re that much closer to getting this book published!

Moon Over Donamorgh is still with its editor. I’m anxious to see what she has to say about it.

Worlds Apart is thiiiis close to completion, as in one-more-scene-maybe complete. Then it’s time to revise. I’ve been working on the last chapter but not doing any other writing because, after all:

The vacation continues.

We are not in Isaac’s path, but we’ve had lots of rain. Yesterday we managed to get about an hour in the pool in the morning, and got out just before another deluge started, thanks to my BIL’s expert weather spotting.

As much as I love the rain, I do hope it dries up enough for a visit to Colonial Williamsburg, and for a trip to Busch Gardens. My SIL scored free tickets and we must not let them go to waste. But heck, I’ll go even in the rain. We have umbrellas.




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  1. The news about Neil Armstrong was sad. But he left a wonderful mark upon history. Good luck as you continue with your writing endeavors.

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