Shipbuilder is on the Front Page of Addicted to Books

That was fast. I just found out about Addicted to Books  yesterday (through Ruthanne Reid, whose book, The Sundered, was up yesterday). I signed up, sent them my book info, and lo, The Time Travel Journals: Shipbuilder is the second book listed on today’s front page!

If you don’t click on the link today, you probably won’t see Shipbuilder on the front page. They change the first page daily. You’ll have to “search this site” for it.

Do me a favor and share the link on your Facebook or Twitter pages. Or Google+. Or whatever…

Shipbuilder continues to sell at a steady, albeit slow,  pace. I’m pleased about that. Really hope that when Bridgebuilder comes out, there’ll be a surge.

Also! There is another wonderful review from Maya Bohnhoff over at Amazon. Maya, who blogs at Book View Cafe, critiqued an early version of Shipbuilder in 2009 at the Baycon Writers Workshop. I was grateful for her comments then, and I’m just as grateful for the great review now. Thank you, Maya!

I’m happy about all the reviews people have left, and for the messages people have sent me personally. It’s not so much about the sales. It’s about that little thrill of delight I get, knowing that my story gave someone enjoyment. That’s a high it’s hard to come down from.

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