Authors Have So Many Choices

Choices about what? Our books.

The novel is finished. Do I:

Query agents?
Query publishers? E-publishers or traditional? Small press print?
Self-pub? ebook only? POD or pay for a print run? Where?
Ask for review blurbs?
Enter contests?

Every choice deserves consideration. Each has its merits and drawbacks.

I don’t enter a lot of contests, but I just did. Enter one. I entered Worlds Apart in the 7th  Annual Dixie Kane Memorial Contest. This contest is held by the Southern Louisiana chapter of RWA. You can read about the contest here. I like this contest, because it’s for the first five pages of the manuscript, and promises feedback. That’s a magic word for me.

If you have a romance finished or nearly so, consider entering the first five pages in this contest. Deadline is August 1.

If you don’t have anything to enter, cross your fingers for Worlds Apart!

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