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What should you expect from a developmental editor?

What should you expect from a developmental editor?

I’ve been looking for an editor to take on Bridgebuilders, so this article caught my interest. I’ve just hired someone – still in the contract stage – and I’m happy to say I think she meets the criteria Mr. Rinzler sets out here.

I found my editor through the Editorial Freelancers Association. I was glad to find this organization, not least for the chance to peruse the résumés of several prospective editors. This is hypercritical for the independent author, as we can so easily hire second-rate editors, or worse, be the target of scammers posing as editors.

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  1. The one aspect about independent publishing that gets ripped on deals with edits. So many have a great story but due to a lack of edits, or poor editing, the story gets missed. Sounds like you’re taking all the steps necessary to avoid this part of the indie stigma 🙂

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