#AmWriting, #AmEditing, and Oh-Yes-Publishing-Too, Report

Here stands the current stats:

Bridgebuilders – Still with beta readers, although one report is in. I’m researching and interviewing editors for this manuscript.

Worlds Apart – Inching toward the finish line. Part of the problem is that I don’t have a clear vision for the ending. I know how I want to end it – but the details for getting there are obscure. It’s been interesting as I start the last chapter. I tried three times to start a scene, and every time, it collapsed by the third paragraph. The fourth try has resulted in one-and-a-half pages so far. Only time will tell if it’s truly viable.

Moon Over Donamorgh – still looking for an editor who has time to take it on.

I’m getting the itchy feeling of “nearly ready to start something new.” I won’t do that until Worlds Apart is finished, but it should be soon. The conflict is that I need to concentrate on the publishing/marketing phase of my business, in order to get Bridgebuilders out on time. At most, perhaps I’ll get some ideas going, either on the next Donamorgh story, or maybe a Worlds Apart sequel. I love these universes I’ve created, and it seems like a good thing to keep playing in them.

There is still Verdandi to finish, as well. So I have choices. It’s just a matter of deciding which one is best.

In all of this, there is one thing I’ve fallen behind on, and I knew I would: those style sheets that Marty Halpern advised writers keep. I’m still working on the style sheet for Bridgebuilders. This is the kind of detail work that drives me crazy. I’ll start on it, then drift away as boredom sets in. This is when I have to remind myself that I’m a grownup, and need to act like one.

We’ll see how that works. If I do start something new, perhaps I’ll remember to start the style sheet right along with it, so they grow together. Live and learn.


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  1. Looks great on the writing front.

    It’s all that detail work – work that I must admit can be terribly helpful – that makes me lean more towards being a “pantser” and weaker as a “plotter” 🙂

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