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A Decision That Lifted My Spirits

I haven’t read much about it yet, but… wow. The Supreme Court upheld the health care law.

Just… wow. I honestly did not know what they would decide. I could sort of understand the argument that the Fed has no right to mandate that Americans buy a product. But my feeling on that, was that we were just tripping ourselves up by trying to keep national health care “Amurican” by using private insurance companies.

I still think that, actually. We get so busy trying to avoid anything that smacks of socialism, that we end up with programs that are unwieldy, bungling, expensive, fraud-ridden bureaucracies. So instead of a simple national health care system, we have a law no one can figure out how to work. And just watch the insurance companies get filthy rich and squander all our money.

But anyway, it’s a big victory for Obama. I think it’s a big victory for the American people, too. Even the people who hate it, are going to love having health care. After all, how many of them opt out of Medicare when they turn 65? Or social security?


Now to see what the fallout is.



3 thoughts on “A Decision That Lifted My Spirits”

  1. I am doing my happy dance over here. We have twins, age 24. One has a job with no health insurance, and the other is finishing up paramedic school after completing college. With the ACA upheld, we can keep them on their dad’s insurance a while longer instead of having to pay for expensive healthcare plans. We are fortunate to be able to afford such plans if we needed to get them, but most people are not in that position.

  2. I could only shake my head at the decision. Not for agreement or disagreement for the decision, but it was a brief reminder of the very ugly road riddled with so much “WTH”. Now, I’m not sure if I should brace for another round of “Really? WTH??”

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