Never Stop Doing the Fun Things in Life

Oh, to be young again, with the courage to do wild and crazy things.

Like stay up late. I don’t ask for much.

Saturday, we did something that we used to do on a regular basis, but let it drop for reasons good and bad.

We went to the Mt. Tamalpais astronomy lecture.

This used to be a regular part of our spring and summer. Every April through October, we were there two hours early, with food and wine to share with friends. Sometimes we came even earlier and hiked a bit. The lectures were always great, the skies gorgeous, the views amazing. And there was Tinka, the volunteer who’s introductions were somehow always the most amusing part of the evening.

After the lecture, there was viewing through telescopes set up in the parking lot. Being somewhat impatient, we seldom waited in line to do this. Besides, we had that hour-and-a-half drive home to do.

But one summer, Caltrans started working on the Richmond/San Rafael bridge, and our ride home stretched to three or more long, creeping, agonizing hours.

So we quit going.

You know how it is. Once you stop, it’s so hard to get a thing going again. Unless it’s smoking or something.

But Saturday, we made it to Mt. Tam. Here’s proof:

Out toward the city, we could see an impressive view of horizontal bands in the sky. One of the volunteers told us this was the Band of Venus. It’s the shadow of the earth being cast across the sky as the sun is setting.
  Lovely, indeed.

And for a special treat, here’s Tinka, still going strong after all these years:

I hope we keep it going, this time. We’ll see everyone next month!








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