The #AmWriting Report

My various novels-in-progress are all over the map these days. I should put microchips on them so I can track their movements and always find them when I need them.

Bridgebuilders is out to beta readers, may-the-universe-bless-them. Once I get their comments (and make the necessary edits), it will then go the editor.

Moon Over Donamorgh is with a potential editor. Depending on her desires (will she even want to work on it?), and her schedule, I’ll be getting that story ready for publishing.

Worlds Apart has been making its way through my crit group. The writing of this story has been a scant few chapters ahead of the group. I’m down to the last chapter or two. It would be nice to get it finished this week. I’ve left Tina and Clive in a precarious situation for far too long.

And back in the odd crannies of my mind I hear stirrings of further tasks:

If I publish Donamorgh, then I need to start writing its sequel, The Dryad of Durry Woods.

Verdandi has been neglected for over two years. Sandy, the main character, is constantly sending me memos to be placed on the Active Schedule. She insists she has places to go, things to do, and people… well, you know.

In between all that, there is Real Life to accomplish. If the darn thing would just stay still for a minute…

7 thoughts on “The #AmWriting Report”

  1. I share your pain. On top of the side WIP, I now have a side-side WIP. A gothic horror-romance. I know, I probably said I wouldn’t write a romance, but I get to kill people so I’m happy. 😀

  2. Ah, the joy of the creative life. Just yesterday I wrote a note to myself about some back story for a WIP (and the note could turn into an alternate history WIP on its own).

  3. Life loves to kick the action into hyperdrive when story ideas and writing progress are moving on “forward please” kind of schedule. But it looks like you’re making great forward progress!

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