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Weekend Report and a Cooking Post

This isn’t really a cooking post, because there’s no cooking involved. I do have a recipe for you, though. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Monday is here, which means we’ve made it through our weekend with two furry guests. I’m happy to report that Jekyll-and-Hyde adjusted to his unusual living arrangement, and stopped trying to kill his keepers. In general, we acted like a Hilton hotel, providing fancy meals, plenty of water, and twice-daily walks. Comfy furniture. And a backyard that a little dog can get lost in.

And petting. We provided lots of petting. With all this kindness, Stewie decided we weren’t so bad. I think it also helped that we learned to not sneak up on him. Not that we were trying to do that. But we noticed his fits seemed to happen if we came up behind him without saying anything first. I guess we startled him, and being a nervous sort, he reacted  as if threatened.

Anyway, he stopped doing it sometime on Saturday. What the little tykes did not stop doing, was barking all night. Not all night, but several times during the night. Why, you ask?

Well darn, I don’t know. Perhaps at a car going past. Maybe people were walking past, even at 2 or 3 in the morning. Racoons? Opossums? Possibly. Whatever it was, they knew their job  and they did it with enthusiasm.

We’re tired.

My daughter says they don’t bark at home. But we sleep with the windows open, so the dogs could hear anything happening outside. Evidently, it all needed to be barked at. We finally, sort of, solved that problem last night about 3:30 by bringing them into our room and closing the door. No more barking, but they did wake us up just slightly past dark o’clock for breakfast.

In between all the struggles, they made us laugh a lot, and reminded us that dogs think humans are the most amazing, wonderful things in the whole universe. It’s hard to stay mad at someone who looks at you in total adoration.

Let’s see, what else did we do? Oh, I cleaned the house. This was my quarterly cleaning. You might think that means something special, like extra scrubbing, or moving the refrigerator out to clean underneath it.

No, no, it just means that I did what most people do on a weekly or (gulp) daily basis. Dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming… that kind of thing. I’m not big on housework. I need an excuse, and the one thing that always gets me to clean house, is when I know people are coming over.  Since tomorrow starts a new childbirth class, I’ve got six pregnant couples showing up to spend a couple of hours here.

Place looks pretty good.

Finally, I didn’t forget I promised you a recipe. This is a good recipe for anyone, but if you’re one of the lucky few who inherited a bottle of our homemade wine a couple of years ago, and you haven’t had the courage to drink it yet (you know who you are), this is a great way to use it.


1 bottle fruity red wine (especially that plum wine we made. It’s perfect for this, honest)
1/4 cup brandy
1/4 cup water
1/8 cup simple syrup
A variety of fresh summer fruit. I used three strawberries, 1 apricot, and a small handful of blueberries.

Mix all the liquids in a pitcher, and add the cut-up fruit. Put a lid on it, and refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours. Serve over ice.

This tasted even better the second day. I could easily have a glass of this stuff every day this summer. It’s perfect for 90 degree or more weather.

Give it a try. Hope y’all had a great weekend, too!


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