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A Bay Con Report – Just Checkin’ In

It doesn’t happen often a con, but we have a substantial break in our schedule. Dinner has happened, although I’m still holding out for dessert.  Room service, anyone?

We’ve had some good times at this con. The panels have been great. The moderators have all been organized, with good intros and good questions. I’ve attended several writing-related panels, but also a couple of more general topics, like fairy tales or “other” religions in alternate history. That last one was a little disappointing, since they ended up mostly talking about Christianity.

Tonight’s the masquerade. I watch, not having a smidgen of sewing or building skills. I don’t do costumes, although I love to wear them.

Oh, and last night, I danced! We hung out with the regency dancers and were out there stomping our feet for almost two hours. I paid for it, let me tell you.  My right foot is on fire, and has been all night and all day. But you know what? If we can find some dancing tonight, I’m out there again. I’ll stay off me feet after Bay Con.

Hope you all are having fun whatever you’re up to, this weekend!



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