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It’s Convention Time

BayCon starts tomorrow and I’m all a-shiver with excitement. I’ve been looking over the schedule and already see several panels I want to go to. This is the only convention we attend, so it’s a real treat to give in to total SF&F geekery.

This year, I have nothing to submit to any of the writing panels. I’m not bothered by that. My year has consisted of self-publishing a book, and finishing up others that I want to publish. I didn’t start anything new, but I still have three novels that are unfinished, and two others that I haven’t started yet. Next year, I expect I’ll have something for BayCon’s Iron Editor, or maybe even the writer’s workshop.

What I do have for BayCon are lots of flyers and postcards about The Time Travel Journals. I’ll be putting those out on the tables for people to pick up.

Along those lines – if any of you are attending other conventions, and would be willing to set out a stack of flyers about my books, let me know. I’ll send them off to you. You don’t have to do anything except put them on the tables reserved for things like that.  Either PM me though Facebook, or through my contact page on this website.

For now, it’s time to dig out my steampunk costumes and put on my dancing shoes. Hope to see some you this weekend!

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