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Other Writers: Amy Raby and Assassin’s Gambit

I’m practically squealing with excitement as I write this post. I want direct your attention to one of my favorite online-writer-friends: Amy Raby.

Amy has just announced her first publishing gig: a three-book contract with NAL/Penguin for her fantasy series. I don’t think she has a name for the series yet, but two of the books are Soldier, Sage, Vagabond, and Spy, and Assassin’s Gambit.

Amy was one of the first people I met online when I joined the Online Writers Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. We were both working on our first novels, and quickly found that we liked each other’s writing. I don’t remember who critiqued who, first,   but we critiqued each other chapter by chapter faithfully, through at least three books. We even managed to meet in person a few years ago, when I was visiting my son in Seattle.

Amy’s writing was always good, and I loved all her stories, but I knew when I read Assassin’s Gambit, that this was her ticket. It was practically faultless – a perfect mix of intrigue, battles, and romance, as well as intelligence. Amy is a smart woman, and it shows in her writing.

The publisher was looking for a romance story that would appeal to fans of Game of Thrones. Amy’s books fit that perfectly. Go visit her blog as she chronicles her publishing experience, and be sure to add these books to your To-Read list. You’ll be glad you did.

And stick around here, because when Amy gets a chance (did I mention she’s one of the busiest people I know?), we’ll post an interview here.

Congratulations, Amy!

2 thoughts on “Other Writers: Amy Raby and Assassin’s Gambit”

  1. I know! Wasn’t it just the most amazing news? And I thought the big book deal was dead, given all this ‘go it yourself’ talk. I’m really happy for her and hope it all works out to huge success for her.

  2. Oh, thanks so much! Do you know, I think you were my first regular critique partner on the OWW, and I’ve had such a great time following your work.

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