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A Cooking Post: In Which the Writer Faces Off with CSA Vegetables

A while back (a year or more) I decided to take a break from my CSA*. I just wanted a change. I’m like that.

*CSA: Community Supported Agriculture. It’s basically a subscription plan with a local farmer. You pay a flat amount for a specified period of time (usually quarterly), and every week, you get a box of freshly harvested, organic vegetables from the farmer. Some deliver to your door, some to a centrally-located spot near you.

Anyway, I went back to them last week. I haven’t been as happy lately with the choices at Whole Foods. They seem to have gone the global route in a big way, as their produce section now consists mostly of produce grown in other countries. They still have some local produce, but it’s much less than it used to be.

I was pretty sure those local farms were still growing food, so I signed back up. Last week was our first box. It has a lot of food in it, but in all honesty, if we ate as many vegetables as we should, it would be just enough.

Well, I’m out of practice. We didn’t come close to using up everything, and I have to pick up another box today. So cooking ensued. Here, look: 

What does this quick stir-fry consist of? Spring onions, a fennel bulb, garlic, snap peas, asparagus, and parsley. It took about 20 minutes to cut it all up and sautee it in a little olive oil, with salt and pepper.

It made about six cups of cooked vegetables. Here’s what to do with it:

Breakfast – frittata or omelets
Lunch – Sprinkle on some Parmesan cheese and serve with crusty bread. Or wrap it in a tortilla. Add roasted chicken breast if you want.
Dinner – A great side vegetable. Be sure to fill up half your plate with it. Or put it on pizza crust with goat cheese.

Wine is tricky with some vegetables, but I think a bright, fruity summer white would go well with it. Or a Riesling, perhaps.

Or a martini. Martinis go great with vegetables. Am I right, Jeanne?

The moral is, don’t be afraid of vegetables. Your body will love you for it.





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  1. Yum! As I read this, I have a refrigerator and cool storage full of veggies, fresh from the market, that we’re eating up before the weekend. I don’t normally promote my blog on others’ blogs, but my Tuesday book recommendation post is all about eating local, seasonal food, with books that have some great recipes. I guess springtime brings out the desire for great food!

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