Happy Blog Awards

How much fun is this? I get to pick an award from Alica Mckenna-Johnson. I can pick either the Sunshine award or the Versatile Blogger Award. Now, I’m a nice enough person, and usually my friends don’t run screaming the other way when they see me, but I must be honest. I’m no Molly Sunshine.

So I choose the Versatile Blogger Award.

 After all, I do have several things going on at once, and my blog reflects that. I’ve tried having separate blogs for things, but I just can’t compartmentalize my life like that.

Maybe I need an assistant.

Anyway, thanks Alica! I’m tickled pink.

Now I’m supposed to tell you a few random things about myself. I bet you can’t wait.

1. I was on the gymnastic team in high school. They were desperate.

2. I played the violin for ten years. Once, before a performance of Oklahoma!, my E string broke, and I didn’t have an extra one. I had to fake those high notes.

3.  I drive a stick-shift.

4. I love maps. If you want to distract me, give me a map and ask me to find something.

5. If you really want to distract me, play some Irish music while I’m doing it.

Is that enough? Now I’ll pass on the honors. Drum roll, please. I nominate:

David Fortier He always give me good advice and he has an awesome blog on action adventure and fantasy.

Angela Brown She always has an encouraging word and good things to say. She’s already won the Sunshine award, so she should have the Versatile one to go with it.

Amy Raby, who doesn’t blog a lot, but when she does, you know it’s worth your time. I’m watching both her writing adventures and her efforts at homeschooling her youngest son.


Darke Conteur, who is always willing to help, and proves it with her many blog guests.

8 thoughts on “Happy Blog Awards”

  1. Congrats on receiving the honors and thank you for sharing with me. I love your number 4. My daughter loves maps as well. During a road trip from Texas to Arkansas and back, I had to stop at both Visitor Centers so she could get the state maps. Now, exactly where she intended to navigate us, I don’t know. But she was a happy camper with her maps. 🙂

    1. That’s cool, Angela. You can learn a lot about a place just by examining the map. I love to see the shape of things. It lets me get a picture in my brain of where I am and where I can go.

  2. Oh, very cool! Thank you, and congratulations! I drove a stick-shift for many years. Loved it until I moved to Seattle with its hills and rain. No more stick shifts for me unless I move back to someplace flat…

    1. Do I ever agree with that sentiment! I CAN drive in San Francisco, including the steepest hills, but I don’t like to. And I learned very early never to park my car facing downhill, if I have to back up to get out. I have figured out how to get out of it, if it can’t be avoided. Keep the hand brake on, and gun the gas. Release the brake and clutch at the same time. The strong acceleration will counteract the car’s natural inclination to roll forward, and will force the car backwards up the hill. This isn’t my favorite thing to do.

      Fortunately, I live in the flat portion of the East Bay. Driving is fairly easy around here.

  3. Wow. I got nominated for something. Cool. Thanks, Marlene. It’s been fun following this blog, especially with your trip and all. Learning about Thomas was definitely interesting.

    I suppose this means I need to get back on the horse and blog more. I’ve been clinging to the, “I don’t have time, I just moved” for a month now and it’s getting old. Though, to be honest it’s more the day job sucking the energy out of me than anything.


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