#Titanic Memorial Cruise: Shake, Rattle, and Roll

April 11, 2012

What news are you getting? What’s the trend? Are the blowhards smirking yet, about tempting the fates, and mocking us for attempting this cruise?

I’m not going to try and defend my position, partly because no matter what happens, I will not be convinced that the universe (or ghoddess forbid, some insulted deity) is going to sink this cruise just to prove a point.

But perhaps we’ve had more than our share of mishaps in just a few days of cruising.

We had a late start at the beginning, which put us behind schedule for Cobh. Since leaving Cobh, the ocean has been restless, full of roiling waves that leave our ship quaking and rocking as it moves forward. This has brought down many of the passengers, who have made for their beds in agony, sadly depleting our numbers at activities.

Even with my inexperience in sailing, though, I’m pretty sure the ocean can do much worse. This is the North Atlantic, and it is April. I expected rough seas, so I’m not disturbed at our condition. But then, I still feel fine, and so does Rick. Luck of the draw, that.

It took me a day or so to get used to the movement. Every time the ship rattled or jerked, I’d think, “We’re having an earthquake. That was about 4.1.” I’m from California, you see. We always apply a Richter number when the building shakes and dishes rattle. We’re often pretty accurate, too. But in this case, I have to remind myself that I’m on a ship, and the shaking is because water is hitting us.

The most recent setback was far more serious. Yesterday afternoon, the captain informed us that a passenger needed critical medical care and we were turning back toward Ireland to meet an emergency helicopter. I don’t know how late that will make us for our rendezvous with history at the Titanic site, but no one would argue that we should not take appropriate action for the ill or injured passenger. Of course, they haven’t told us what happened, but a quick glance at internet news provides the information that someone had a heart problem. That’s all I know.

We were at dinner, next to a wall of windows, when the we intercepted the helicopter. We watched it approach, then gazed in awe as it hovered outside our window for several minutes. Would you believe that we did not have our camera with us? The first time I leave the room without it, and look what happens. Peter, one of our dining companions was taking pictures and he promised to send them to me, so hopefully, I’ll be able to show you at some point. Anyway, the helicopter had to make about three passes, trying to pick up the passenger. This took place above us, and out of our sight, so I don’t know what that was like. You can imagine it though, with the rough seas and our ship bouncing around like a toy on the waves. It took some intricate work to pull of the rescue.

The captain soon announced that the patient was on his way to treatment, and we were turning back to our original course. We all cheered and clapped at this news and continued with our evening, which for Rick and me, included a bit of work (checking news sites for this article), then a show in one of the lounges.

This morning is partly sunny, with a few clouds to starboard, and more clouds port side. The seas are still rough, but I think somewhat reduced from yesterday. I’m hoping for a quiet day, disaster-wise.

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  1. I haven’t heard anything snarky, and who cares! This is a trip of a lifetime! Ignore the negative and have fun!

    Oh, I watched a show on the Titanic last night. It was hosted by one of the judges from Dancing With the Stars. I guess he used to work as a welder for H&W years ago in London. He talked about some of the people who died while the ship was being built, and a few of the more incredible stories while it was sinking. Really interesting. And it was on PBS so there were no commercials. 😀

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