London, Round 3, in Which the Bout is Clearly in London’s Favor

I think “tourist” is my hardest job.

This business of walking around all over a city for hours and hours, taking pictures, studying maps, dashing up and down stairways, is exhausting. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Since landing in London, we have run hither and yon without break. We have a rough itinerary planned out, this being our attempt to squeeze as much as possible into our nine days here. We have, more or less, achieved our goals thus far: a bus tour to get the layout…  in-depth visits to the Tower…

the Eye…


…and lunch in every other pub we see (in this case, it’s a wine bar, which I suppose is a step up from “pub.” The wine was very good, too.)

I like pub food. We’ve been sharing a lunch order, which sometimes includes a dessert, then skipping dinner. This means we’re missing a lot of good restaurants, but we simply can’t eat that much. We both feel much better skipping dinner.

About Greenwich:  I would love to show you a picture of me standing in two hemispheres, but our camera batteries called it quits, and none of our spare batteries would work. So we only got a few pictures in Greenwich and the one I’ve posted is the only one that shows the observatory.  We did eventually find a store that sold batteries, but not in time to save the Greenwich trip. It was a thrill to be there anyway.

Today was museums, of which we saw just the barest fraction. You know how it is. We have just limped back to home base, to fortify ourselves with a glass of wine and crackers. Yes, I know I said we skip dinner, but you know how it is on those exhausting days when you’re not communicating and you’re starting to snap at each other? Yes, that. It’s time for wine. It’s the only reason you’re getting a post today.

Tomorrow will be a special treat. No, I won’t give you a hint. You’ll just have to wait for the pictures.


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