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Interviews and a London Report

Thanks to Alica McKenna Johnson for a wonderful interview! She had it up yesterday, but I didn’t get a chance to remind you. So now, let me remind you about another interview tomorrow, over at Indie Saturday. I hope that link works. I’ll try to update it tomorrow.

I’m still in London. See?
 Me on the Westminster Bridge

We are having a blast, to judge by our exhaustion when we return to our B&B at night. Foot report – the neuropathy has returned with a vengeance. Last night I was having shooting pains through my feet, and they burned all night. I made an effort to rest more today, sitting frequently and taking a thirty minute break at the Tower of London, and an hour-and-a-half lunch. That seemed to help – my feet are sore tonight, but no severe pain. I’ll have to pace myself. Tomorrow, we geek out at Greenwich.

Oh, and there’s a fabulous review of Shipbuilder over at You Brew My Tea. Go see!

2 thoughts on “Interviews and a London Report”

  1. Hi, Mr. & Mrs. Dotterer!
    Jack and I have enjoyed following your travels! We see and read that you are having the Time of your Lives! Keep it up! We especially enjoyed hearing of Marlene’s interviews. You go, girl! We will have so much to talk about when you get home. Love, Cynthia & Jack

  2. Hey, what up, you two! Why no news? Hope you are well? Much love, Cynthia & Jack

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