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Malpractice is Legal, if the Patient is a Pregnant Woman

I don’t rant much about politics, although it does come up sometimes in food, childbirth, or breastfeeding topics. But this is simply unbelievable.

How can these states justify these laws? How could the Supreme Court NOT hear a case challenging it? I can’t think of anything that is more obviously wrong. Yet it is being done.

2 thoughts on “Malpractice is Legal, if the Patient is a Pregnant Woman”

  1. *shaking my head in disbelief.* My God, I can’t believe the many ways the anti-choice people have found to fight the rights of women. It’s just a flood of legislation on so many different fronts. Thanks for sharing this — I had no idea.

  2. I cannot understand what is happening in the US. There–and elsewhere–it seems the world has gone mad. But to see a civilised country like the US attacking women for wanting to have birth control coverage and all the medical info necessary to make a choice for their life and the life of their child…I’m not sure I can communicate how scary that is to me. I looked up to the US all my life as the standard for laws in decent, humane society. Now I don’t know what to think. And if that’s what passes for just law in the US–what will other countries come up with in this difficult time?

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