Dear Publishers: What Have You Done for Me Lately?

There’s a great article over at Dear Author about Amzon’s tiff with IPG. This angle is not talked about much – I know I’m leery of Amazon’s bullying tactics, but I also know for sure that I’m not going to pay $17 for an ebook. Publishers have got to be reasonable about this.

Amazon goes too far in the other direction, of course, by offering ebooks for $0.99 or just a couple of dollars. I am willing to pay $6 to $8 for an ebook of normal novel length. I figure if the trade paperback costs $8, the ebook should be around $5 or $6.

I am both a reader and an author. I do not want to give my novels away for free or for just a couple of dollars. I spend a year or more my life writing a novel, and I pay others to edit it, do cover design and ad design. I deserve a reasonable royalty in payment, just like any other artist. But I would never consider gouging my readers by demanding they pay an exorbitant amount of money for my book. This is what the publisher are doing, and I think it’s wrong.

Dear Publishers: What Have You Done for Me Lately?.

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  1. Why can’t there be a meeting of he capitalist compromisers to get this little wrinkle in publication ironed out so that the readers, authors and publishers all win in the end?

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