Reviewing Books and The Writer’s Lot

Thanks to everyone promising they’ll review my book when they get a chance. I’m almost sorry for bringing it up, since of course, the people who feel bad about it are very busy writers, themselves. I do want their reviews – but my last post was really an attempt to nudge the average reader, who might not think about leaving a review.

It’s amazing how much work is involved in this writing gig. Especially since the tax people consider it a “hobby” if you’re not actually making money from it. If all a writer did was write the next story, we could spend several hours a day on it. But writing the next story is only part of the picture. If I was posting it as a job opening, the list of tasks would look something like this:

Daily or several times a week:
Read and critique the work of other writers
Write blog post
Read blogs of other writers and customers (or prospective customers)
Leave comments on as many blogs as possible
Read and comment on other social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Share and retweet as needed
Visit and post to online forums, workshops, and professional organizations
Read, reply to, and organize email
Write guest posts or interview for other blogs
Interview other writers and help plug their books
Write your own book

Other tasks to be done as needed:
Attend conventions and conferences, appear at book readings/signings
Meet with writer groups for critiquing sessions or workshops
Research for your book
Revise your book and proofread, proofread, proofread!

For the independent author:
Create book covers, format and layout of manuscript (or interview others to do the job)
Interview editors
Search out and purchase ad spots, create ads (or interview others to do the job)

I’m sure there’s more, but you get the point. And all of this is without benefit of a paycheck.  Royalties are few and far between, at least for the new author.

So to all my writer friends, believe me, I know why you haven’t gotten around to reviewing my book. I hope you have the same understanding about me.



2 thoughts on “Reviewing Books and The Writer’s Lot”

  1. Very well summarized Marlene. I think people have no idea. I just attended a Writer’s conference and it was awesome, but mainly I felt ahead of the curve. I’ve done my part in the last year!

  2. I will give to my Piano Man. Not because my dear love needs it, but so that he sees how much I appreciate the times he cooks, does the dishes and the laundry, and entertain our Little Princess, just so I have time to write a bit (and mark off some items from your list) while reading and writing for school, too.

    He makes me feel lucky, and reading your list, reminds me just how much 🙂

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