Reports and Reviews

A baby has been accomplished, and I got home just before ten p.m. last night, with sore feet. They are still a little sore this morning, but I have hopes they will improve quickly.

Do you know that even 24 hours away from computer leaves me with hundreds of emails/tweets/FB posts/blog posts to catch up on? I wish I really was this popular.

Removing the doula hat, and donning the author hat: May I humbly beg my readers for reviews of Shipbuilder and/or The Farm? I know I am asking for your time, and believe me, I understand you don’t have much of it to give. But if you can, I would greatly appreciate it, either on Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, your own blog, or wherever else you post reviews.

If you have avoided leaving a review because you don’t want to say anything bad… I understand that, too. But I truly believe that a reviewer’s opinion is sacrosanct, so I will not say a word about it. If it’s so bad, you just can’t post anything, I beg you: send me a private note about it through the contact page. I want to improve as a writer.


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  1. sigh I swear, I keep getting more and more things to read…I will do my bear-tastic best to try and get my every growing TBR(to be read) list under some facet of control…promise *give you a toothy lil bear grin*

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