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Shoes, Feet, and Labor: The Writer’s Other Life

Today, I am distracted. I’m wearing my doula hat, so must be ready to dash off to the hospital at a moment’s notice. So I am.


Being ready means I’m having trouble concentrating on anything else. I don’t know why it affects me this way, but it does. Perhaps it’s because of last night’s poor sleep. In general, I’m sleeping much better than I have in years, but once in a while, a bad night still raises its head, forcing my head from the pillow.

For news on the “you-don’t-say” front, I wore high heels last night. I have friends who spit their coffee out at that and immediately took it to the gutter. We’ll pause a moment for them to clean up and calm down…

All righty, then. My POINT, is that a few months ago, I had reason to think I would never wear nice shoes again. That I would spend the rest of my life wearing clumpy old-lady shoes, meaning no disrespect to old ladies, of course.  Or their footwear. I completely understand why they have to wear such shoes. I’ll be perfectly willing to wear them when I’m ninety or so, too. I’ll even wear them now if, when I need to, I can wear the Other Kind.

Like Valentine’s Day dinner. We went out to dinner, I wore a dress, and my fancy black high heels with the shimmering stars on them. I was even able to walk in them, without pain.

And THEN… and then I changed the heels for a pair of lower heeled shoes (but still not those orthopedic clunkers) and I went to dance class. I danced for an hour in normal shoes. My right foot hurt a little bit, but not any more than usual.

I can only say this means that the acupuncture has done wonders, and I am very, very grateful. I will wear the clunkers when I go to the hospital, as I will probably be on my feet the whole time I’m there. This may cause a setback, but I’m prepared for that.

For now, I wait for the call, with my doula hat on and excitement drumming through my veins. I love helping a woman through her labor. Even if my feet hurt.


2 thoughts on “Shoes, Feet, and Labor: The Writer’s Other Life”

  1. What a lovely service you provide as a doula! I’m so impressed. I don’t think I had picked up on that information before, so thanks for sharing.

    I don’t like heels. I still have a few in my closet, but I prefer flats. My late grandma, on the other hand, ONLY wore high heels, and she could outwalk all of us. Once she tried to wear flat shoes but her Achilles tendon was shortened by then, so the flat shoes hurt her feet! She lived to 89 with those high heels.

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