A Post, in Which the Blog Owner Can Only Dog Paddle

I like blogging, but as it turns out, I’m not a chatterbox. I’m also not a true numbers person, and rarely check my stats. Which is why I’m astonished to discover I have 227 followers.

Boy, do I feel guilty.

Hi, everybody! I really am glad to see your bright faces, even if I don’t say anything. Maybe I haven’t had my coffee yet.

Now, I’m not going to resolve to chat more. I’m too old to change my ways. Besides I secretly believe that most of you are just as glad to not have one more post to read every single day. I do, however, resolve to work on another time travel journal entry to post, probably tomorrow.

On another happy note, Kindle sales on Shipbuilder have increased dramatically in the last few days. Thank you to everyone who has bought it. If you feel inclined, I’d love to hear what you think of it, either by your posted review on Amazon, your blog, or Goodreads (or somewhere else), or if you drop me a note through the contact page.

Oh, I almost forgot. I just started a Google+ page (profile, actually). If you’re on Google+, add me to your circle! I’m not sure how to find people, and I haven’t figured out how to know if it’s okay to add someone. In fact, I haven’t figured out a lot of things about it. So far, I’ve added Diane Duane and Danielle Leafty.  I’m practically friendless over there!

Let me reassure you that I am not completely wasting my time when I am so busy not posting. I’m writing the book, I promise. I’ve added almost 7000 words to Bridgebuilder in the last week, and no, you can’t remind me that those words should have been added weeks ago. I know. All I can say by way of excuse, is that I’m doing my best to make sure this novel is a decent one. I could simply throw words on the page, format, and upload. None of us would be happy with that result. This story is complex, and I want it to make sense. I want it to be a page-turner, and I want you to be happy with it. That means I sometimes need to pause and think through a story arc, and discover where it’s going. And sometimes, where it came from. Not all that pondering gets on the page, but I need to understand it before I can write what you’ll read.

Your patience is appreciated. Feel the love.