Shipbuilder Has a Beautiful Cover

Of course, I’m the mother, so I would say that. But now you can say it, too!

Book Junkies Library is having a cover contest.  And yes, I want you to go over there and vote for The Time Travel Journals: Shipbuilder.

I bet you guessed that.

But seriously, I think it’s a gorgeous cover, with all thanks to the amazing Laura Shinn. So if you’re feeling generous, go over and vote. The link above takes you to the voting/instructions page. There’s a link to the book cover gallery, but I’ll give it to you, too.

Shipbuilder is number 0042. I guess you have to vote for three, and it’s probably not nice to give Shipbuilder all your votes.  Just one.

While you over there, look through the library and see if you find something you’d like to read. There are more choices than ever!

6 thoughts on “Shipbuilder Has a Beautiful Cover”

  1. Very cool. Good luck. In addition to yours, I also liked The Unnatural. It looked like something right out of the horror section.

  2. Fun going over to vote. Some, well, I kinda wondered by they made it but others I saw were unique. Thanks for the info and glad to vot for Shipbulder.

  3. Awesome! Thanks everybody. I thought there were a lot of good-looking covers in the gallery. I voted for a couple to take second and third place. There were some that I’d call dramatic or eye-catching (mostly in the horror or spy/thriller genres ), but not what I’d call beautiful. But then, I guess the contest is simply for “favorite” book cover, not the prettiest.

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