Raise a Glass to You

Worldwide, this day is one of introspection, accompanied by either pessimism or optimism, depending on your point of view. I’m not obsessively introspective – once I make a decision, I usually carry it through without a lot of backward glances. If it turned out to be a mistake, I try to learn from it, but I don’t agonize.

Not to say I don’t have regrets. There a few things I’ve done or said in my life that still cause me to wake up in cold sweat. But if it’s something I can’t fix, I don’t think it helps anyone for me to swim in the slough of despond over it.

So I go forward. But 2011 marked a milestone in my life and I figure I should acknowledge it. It’s the year I  published. For now and forever, there’s a science fiction book out in the world with my name on it. The book may (probably will) fall near the bottom of the pool that is published literature, and never see the light of day again. But I do hope that doesn’t happen for a while yet.

I expect to have other books join it soon, but the first book – like the first time for many things – will always be special.

What were your “firsts” in 2011? Join in and let’s raise a glass together for what we accomplished and for what lies ahead!

4 thoughts on “Raise a Glass to You”

  1. 2011 marked the first year I entered the blogosphere. it was a decision I put off for a while but finally opened myself up to it.
    Certainly ranks as one of the better decisions I made 🙂

    Here’s a toast to you, to your novel and the novels to come.

    Happy New year!

  2. I, too, entered the world of blogging in 2011. The blog was initially set up so family and friends could follow my novel research trip to Ireland – Another 1st: crossing the ‘pond’ and traveling International all alone. Now the blog is the start of my online platform as a writer. Of course, Ireland wasn’t my only stop in Europe. I spent time in Edinburgh, Scotland and the Scottish Highlands, London, England and up close and personal with Stonehenge. All dreams come true.
    Another first: Right shoulder rotator cuff surgery and rehab- not fun, but hopefully fixes the problems. Now if only medical science could devise a substitute for elbow tendons – do I hear a bionic arm with cool attachments: light saber, golf clubs, pint hoisting, perhaps?
    My goal for 2012: Finish ‘The Keepers of Éire’ and start book 2 with NaNoWriMo in November.
    Marlene-Keep on writing. Your stories are amazing, funny, sensitive, and well written.

    1. Thanks Deborah. I agree, you’ve had a big year of firsts. If you get that bionic arm with the pint-hoist attachment, you know I’ll be right there to buy the first pint! And I sincerely hope I can be a beta reader for Keepers. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

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