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The Holiday Plans

The solstice season has been understated in our domicile this year. No kids in town and no trip down south for us. Wednesday, we had a quiet solstice dinner with my gorgeous blue and yellow sunflower tablecloth, and gold and white candles in the middle. Friday, we took a jaunt down to Campbell to visit with my youngest daughter and her husband. Christmas Eve, we had a platter of cheese-and-crackers with Rick’s unbelievable eggnog. I’ll post the recipe for that below. Yesterday we had our usual Sunday breakfast of pumpkin pancakes and bacon. Christmas dinner was the requested spaghetti, something I don’t make very often, but which Rick loves. At our request, there were no presents this year, although a couple of people cheated and sent us little gifts.

We had eggnog to finish off for lunch. Don’t tell my doctor. Oh, and we made a ceremony out of opening a bottle of Very Good Cabernet to have with the spaghetti. This was special, because we have pretty much stopped drinking, holiday’s and parties excepted. It was Christmas and so… the cab. But drat it, the wine did not hold up well in our less-than-perfect storage conditions.  It was… drinkable. But I know darn well that a 2006 Grgich Hills Cabernet should taste spectacular. Not drinkable.

I hearby abandon any idea of keeping wine longer than three years. We will drink it, even if it’s less than five years old.

Today, the celebrations continue unabated. We’re off to Sacramento to play with my daughter and two oldest grandsons. Lydia promised lasagna. Yum.

Our plans for New Year’s Eve are simple and traditional for us: pizza, movies, and popcorn. This year, the movie marathon will be the last three Harry Potter films. We’re working up to it all week, by watching the first five movies, one each night. This means we’ll be ignoring our Netflix offerings, but oh well. I will either make my own pizza, or we’re driving to Berkeley  for Zachary’s. Just sayin’.

Now, as promised, here’s the eggnog recipe. Note of caution: no one gets to drive home after consuming, so if you serve it, have extra bedding available.

This makes a lot. We cut it down by sixths and still had enough for six servings.

18 eggs, separated
2 cups sugar
2 Fifths Bourbon
1/2 cup Jamaican rum
1/2 cup half and half
6 cups heavy cream

In a large punch bowl, beat the egg yolks until light. Add the sugar and beat until thick, and light yellow. Stir in the bourbon, rum, and half-and-half.

In a separate bowl, whip the cream until thick. Stir it into the egg yolk mixture.

In another bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff. Fold them into the rest of the mix.

Serve with nutmeg to sprinkle on each serving.


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