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Occupy Movement is Evolving, but Needs to Finds Itself Soon

There’s a wonderful article in today’s Times by columnist Steve Butler. He writes about the Occupy movement, and this is one of the most coherent discussions I’ve seen about it.

The movement is in danger of spreading itself too thinly by tackling too many issues. Granted, there’s a lot of disturbing stuff going on, and all of it should be addressed. But we (the 99%) need to concentrate on a just a few things at a time or we’ll just fall all over ourselves at the starting gate. Butler’s article is priceless for simply laying out Occupy’s basic goals and the specific crimes that brought it about.

We need to not forget those crimes. Things have a way of too quickly becoming “yesterday’s news” and fading into obscurity. The Occupy movement must keep these crimes at the forefront until the perpetrators are brought to justice and regulations are passed to keep them from happening again.

I think the movement is failing to do this. It’s up to us  – all of us – to make sure the movement stays on the right track.

Butler also brings up the recent revelation about the “secret money” loaned to banks even before the TARP bailout – 7 trillion dollars. This should be much bigger news than it’s getting. The Occupy movement should be all over it, but I haven’t heard a word.

That’s a big failing. We should all be furious.

Please take a moment to read the article. It’s not a long one. Pass it on. We need to force Congress to pay attention to these specific issues and do something about them, NOW.

Enough is indeed enough.

2 thoughts on “Occupy Movement is Evolving, but Needs to Finds Itself Soon”

  1. These “secret money” deals are appalling, to say the least. We are in a sad state of affairs. Until we have election reforms, I fear that we will get more of the same from both sides of the aisle. I think Occupy has done a great job of changing the conversation, but it is up to ALL of us to take action. Whether or not we align ourselves with OWS, we can still put pressure on our elected officials (although one of my senators no longer responds to my letters!).

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