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I’m overwhelmed these days, to the point that I’m having panic attacks. My heart will start racing and pounding hard enough to bruise my chest. My blood pressure is higher than it’s ever been. Which isn’t saying much, because it’s never been high before. But it’s high.

So forgive me if I throw out another food post from my the old blog. I chose this post because evidently I was feeling lethargic on this date in November, 2009.  The title of the post is Using Leftovers. That’s a useful topic for all of you, isn’t it?

Using Leftovers

I overcame my food lethargy enough to cook up most of the veggies from last week’s CSA box. I baked the Delicata squash and served it with butter and brown sugar – true comfort food. The meal was rounded out with the last of our CSA hog: thick braised pork chops.

This is an example of never throwing away food, because I had some stuffing in my freezer from a meal I’d prepared months ago. I’ve never learned the art of truly stuffing something – I always have lots of the stuffing mixture left over. It was basically onion, pecans, breadcrumbs, butter, and a bit of bourbon. I had about a cup of it left.

So I sprinkled the chops with salt, pepper, and garam masala, browned them in oil, then removed them from the pan and added the stuffing to the pan. I used more bourbon to scrape the pan, put the chops back in, covered it with a lid and stuck it in the oven for about 45 minutes.

Those were really good pork chops. 

I sauteed all the greens from the box: there was kale, the tops of the turnips, and leaves from the cauliflower. They were a little bitter – that’s something else I need to work on. Anyone have pointers from removing the bitterness from greens?

Anyway, it was a lovely meal. I also steamed the cauliflower and the turnips to put away for another meal. We had the cauliflower last night, sprinkled with salt, pepper, and olive oil. It was quite good.

We added some of the leftover squash to our pancakes yesterday. I’ll use the rest in my morning oatmeal.

I love winter vegetables.

6 thoughts on “Here’s Your Cooking Post”

  1. Thanks for the post! We rarely eat leftovers and that’s such a waste. We could save so much money on groceries if we did too. I hope everything is all right on your end. *hugs*

  2. Hi Marlene, thanks for the leftovers ideas! Hope that the panic attacks are lessening. They are often a symptom of a physical condition (adrenal fatigue? untreated thyroid? Celiac?) and can be easily treated once you know the cause. Hope that you get some relief.

  3. Hey, Marlene! I like this repost because I, too, hate wasting food. And I love repurposing food and making it (or having someone make it) into something delicious and new. You probably figured out how to deal with the bitterness since you first posted this blog, but I’ll mention what we do to fix this: add a little vinegar or lemon juice. The pork chops sound delicious; thanks for the idea!

  4. Yum, love the bourbon pork chops. Might have to try those.

    There’s generally no food waste here since I’ll eat leftovers for lunch. These last few weeks, we’ve had a few tomatoes go bad while ripening on the counter, but that’s only because I’d picked them before the snow and there were some imperfections.

    Sorry to hear about your blood pressure and the panic attacks. I hope you can find a way to settle things down again.

    Cheers, Dave.

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