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Traveling Post

I’m still on vacation, with sporadic internet access. When I do get online, I’m reading your blogs, tweets, and emails, and never get around to posting anything here. That’s by the way of explaining my absence.

We’re on the first leg of our trip, visiting family in Oceanside and San Diego. Tomorrow, we leave for Arizona to see the family there. Then back here for a couple more days. Then back home. Lots of fun in between.

I am getting some writing done in Bridgebuilder. I’m stumbling around the plot right now, but I think it’s more important to get the words in the document and fix them later, if I need to. I find it’s easier to figure out the plot details if I have the framework written and can see where the story is going, versus where it needs to go.

I’ll admit that it’s a great relief to have these scenes written. So often, I just stare at the screen and never write anything. I suspect I’m writing more because my writing time is limited. I need a deadline and obstacles to make me take advantage of the time I have.

It isn’t healthy when life is too easy, I guess.

So how close to finished is Bridgebuilder? I’m guessing 55%. That’s a lot of words still to write. Realizing that is another thing that’s spurring me on. Every word written is one word closer to done, and it’s a victory of sorts.

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