Write Campaign: Who Are You?

The Write Campaign has been a wonderful way to meet other writers and build a network. To do my part, I thought I’d write a post showcasing some of the writers in my groups. I’m in two groups: one is science authors, the other is paranormal romance.

A few people have responded to my request for information, and here they are!

Jennifer Filipowicz
Jen writes SF. She’s working on her second novel, and perfecting both to  prepare for hopeful publishing success. She has a trailer for the first book at http://superhappyjen.blogspot.com/2011/09/wardroids-trailer-that-i-made-and.html. Trailers are amazing!
Her first book has a strong romantic plot and a wardroid sex slave uprising. The second involves a matriarchal three-gendered alien society and an alien human hybrid. Wow!
Jen blogs at http://www.superhappyjen.blogspot.com/

Sharon Clare
Sharon writes paranormal romance novels and novellas. She’s looking for an agent right now – boy do I know how hard that is! You can find her books at http://www.sharonclare.com/.
Sharon has also made a book trailer. These are popular things!

Aaron Lewis
Aaron writes an interesting style of fantasy. She blogs at http://thebloggergirlz.blogspot.com/. Here’s the blurb on her current WIP:

In a broken future where the myths of the past are coming to life, Tawny Lester has been cast as Medusa, a woman cursed for being a victim and killed for crimes she couldn’t prevent. As she’s drawn deeper and deeper into Medusa’s story Tawny has a choice: go quietly to her death, as a victim blamed for the crimes committed against her, or go out with a bang, as the monster history will never forget.

Sounds good, Aaron!

Thanks for participating, everyone. It’s good to meet you all. I hope several people click over to look at what you’re doing. Good luck to all of you as you pursue this crazy path of writing!






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