Six Sentence Sunday

I’m cheating a little. There are seven sentences, but there was just the one extra sentence to finish off the paragraph. Made me itch to not include it.

This is from Bridgebuilders, Chapter 2. The first six sentences were up last Sunday.

“Did you have a date, Moira?” The call came from Leslie Dick-Read, casually removing her clothes in ways that showed off her admittedly nice body. The taunt was taken up by several other girls, all of them unhappy that Moira had out-run them to the extent she had.

She turned on the water, drowning out their voices, soaping up quickly. This late in the school year, she didn’t have bruises to hide from them, but she’d found it was better if they assumed she was shy. It was the reason she ran so fast, so she could get to the locker room ahead of everyone else. But that wasn’t her only reason today.