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Happy Mabon!

*sigh* I’m so clueless, sometimes.

Autumn equinox is not until Friday. Maybe I’ll post this again. And maybe I’ll go ahead and have that pumpkin martini tonight.


I walk on lighter feet when the weather turns to cool evenings and leaves change colors. In this mild climate, we aren’t really experiencing true Autumn yet, but I can feel it starting. The light of the sky, smell of the soil, the activity of animals – it all points to the seasons changing once again.

This is my favorite. Orange and brown and red and gold… cinnamon, pumpkins, apples… warm oatmeal for breakfast, pumpkin martinis in the evening. Sweaters, leggings, and scarves. The World Series and classical concerts. It all makes me smile.

This year, I’ve joined the Whimsical Cottage’s Countdown to Halloween. For me, it starts now, with Mabon. I’ll light a candle and have pumpkin-sage raviolis for dinner. Maybe one of those pumpkin martinis for dessert.

I wish you all a happy Autumn. Go find some leaves to jump in.

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