Write Campaign Party: Who Are You?

This is my first time in the Rachael Harrie’s Write Campaign. I’ve found great new blogs to add to my feed (but how come extra time to read them didn’t come as part of the package?), and I’ve added lots of Twitter followers (and followees).

But I haven’t been very active in getting in touch with people, which is a shame, because it’s a fascinating bunch. To remedy that, let me ask a favor.

I’m in two groups: Science Fiction #2, and Paranormal Romance #2. If you’re in those groups, would you leave a comment with your name and tell us what you’re writing? If you’ve got a book for sale, leave a link to it.

I’d love to hear from everyone!

4 thoughts on “Write Campaign Party: Who Are You?”

  1. Hi there, Marlene. A fellow campaigner here. I write paranormal romance. I’ve written both novels and novellas and am now in the soliciting stage. For the campaign I’ve linked to my blog, but you can find my books at http://www.sharonclare.com. I just made a trailer for my sexy, paranormal novella.

    Going to have a look at SuperHappyJen’s trailer!

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