Write Campaign Challenge #1

The first challenge in Write Campaign is to write a 200-word flash fiction piece, starting with the phrase, “the door swung open.” Extra credit for ending with that phrase, and extra-extra credit for using 200 words exactly. So here we go:

The door swung open. Nancy hesitated, not certain she wanted to enter.

A crash behind her made up her mind, spurring her inside. The bang of the door slamming closed covered her scream as she came up hard against a brick wall. Turning to hold the wall with her back, she peered through the darkness, willing her eyes to adjust. What was coming?

Keeping her eyes on the door, she groped along the wall, searching for a weapon. Nothing came to hand. She dashed a quick look around, discerning a fireplace next to her – she’d just missed hitting the mantle in her first sprint – and a window in the wall to her side. A shadow passed across.

There… in the other wall. A dull gleam that could only be a doorknob. She ran for it, tripping as the first door reverberated with the impact of something heavy. Her trembling fingers clawed at the handle, turning it at last. This room had furniture, and she leaped sideways to avoid a couch, barely keeping her feet under her. Grabbing a lamp from its table, she turned to face the dark tower entering the room. Behind it, the door swung shut.

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